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I use ebay to buy something about once every a year. It’s ALWAYS the worst experience I have on the Internet that year. From the website (“it worked in 1995, let’s stick with it”), to the payment (paypal), to the products not being shipped (still waiting for a Christmas present for my wife), to the handling of problems (non-existant).

Does eBay work for anybody who doesn’t make it a full time job?

  1. ubaihs answered: i want to buy a DSLR Nikkon,can you help me
  2. pequena--dama answered: Ebay ?
  3. lawanam answered: I bought a dvd player it was great half the price of the store
  4. heijsan answered: Use it all the time from Australia, both local and int’l sellers. Never an issue. I’m told I should hate PayPal, but it works pretty well.
  5. shortysour answered: idk?
  6. man-the-dan answered: I’ve used Ebay just a few times, and it’s always been positive as long as I buy from a seller with 99% or more customer satisfaction
  7. level6achieved answered: works for me :D
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